5 Hidden Celebrity Holiday Homes In Australia

Celebrities from Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe to superstar Kylie Minogue have been drawn to the huge spaces and beaches in year after year, and as these places attest, they have good reason to stay a little longer. For , long lambasted as a haven for crocodile chasing, barbeque loving, bums, has turned a corner. And while the land down under is still as relaxed as ever, they’ve come on leaps and bounds in terms of their architectural design. As you can see below, there really is some amazing property in .

Kylie Minogue
When Kylie Minogue was recovering from illness she spent a lot of time at her holiday home on , . Whilst Kylie’s home is strictly off limits, there’s an ex-prison farm available just down the road for rent. After recovery, Kylie has put her home up . And after spending more than $1 million on the renovated home, she’ll be hoping the buyer will be applying for a home loan for twice that when it is sold. But don’t expect comfort – the has no electricity, gas, or main water.

Olivia Newton John
Grease star Olivia Newton John is one of the owners of the Gaia retreat–providing a place people to come and relax, refresh your mind, body, and soul. The spa retreat is the sort of place you can imagine celebrities spending their holiday; it’s not a cheap place to visit, but it provides a calm atmosphere to unwind amongst rolling countryside near Byron Bay, out of the reach of most people – and the paparazzi. The Gaia retreat is placed amongst simple, but sub tropical gardens – all the homes are very exuberant.

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have only just bought a home in Beverly Hills, but clearly want a home for holidays too. The house they’ve reserved for holidays is rumoured to have cost somewhere in the region of $6.5 million, coming with 6 bedrooms, 110 acres of land – it’s a traditional home only 90 minutes from Sydney. Exuberance comes in the shape of an marble bathroom, granite counter tops, and a 2,000 bottle wine cellar. Yes, this is how you do holiday homes in style.

Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe has tried to get back to his roots in the holiday home where he now seems to be spending most of his spend. The ranch at the now famed Nana Glen is in New South and the privacy concious Crowe was careful to not let any one see his ranch home, that is until his wedding when the purpose built chapel was revealed – and you don’t get much more exuberant that a building built for one day’s ! Crowe does have a home in Sydney, but you can imagine he spends most of his time on holiday in Nana Glen.

Prime Minister’s House
One of ’s most famous holiday homes is that of the Prime Minister of and his official residence in Sydney. Originally brought for £200 over 150 years ago, Kirribilli House has multimillion dollar views over Sydney harbout – but as an official residence, don’t expect it to be put up any time soon. For as long as it stays an government buidling, once a year, you can look around the famous twin-gabled Gothic residence, as it opens to the public.

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5 Hidden Celebrity Holiday Homes In Australia

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